Complex differences

China’s cultural distance and independent ecosystems create a complex environment for companies without the experience and expertise to navigate the many differences between Western business norms and those in China:

China’s cultural distance and independent ecosystems

Find your path to China

ADG works with you to find the China market entry option that best fits how you do business internationally:

Key Entry Consideration


Your unique objectives and stage of business determine what you need and the degree you need it. Below is a range of services that we offer through our 4 services lines

unique objectives and stage of business

An ecosystem of Chinese companies

Chinese technology partners and prospects know what to expect from our team when ADG reaches out to them with a new product or service. We have built up trust over hundreds of engagements – Chinese companies know that when ADG is involved, they will be dealing with representatives that truly understand their needs and will support them.


  • Internet giants
  • Smartphone OEMs
  • Device OEMs/ODMs
  • Apps & content
  • IoT companies
  • Robotics & drones
  • eCommerce SPs
  • Chips & components
  • Distributors / retailers
  • Mobile operators


  • SaaS / enterprise apps
  • SIs, VARs, ISV resellers
  • Cloud service providers
  • Data analytics
  • AI / machine learning leaders
  • Networking OEMs
  • Vertical enterprises
  • Automotive companies
  • Fintech companies
  • Life science / biotech

If we know it, you know it

All of our customers receive regular updates and reports on all activities, communications and engagements that the ADG China team carries out hand-in-hand with your team. Unlike others, we hold nothing back from you – our China business approach is to make YOU the China growth experts for your company

  • ADG will gather and share key information and market feedback, working closely with you to adjust the key value propositions and selling methodologies as may be needed for long term success
  • All contacts, knowledge and progress updates transfer to clients in a timely manner. Throughout the process, ADG will prepare meeting notes, summarize the conclusions and provide insights and suggestions based on communication with Chinese customers
  • Our executives are always available to discuss China issues, strategy, culture, market entry options, regulations, or anything else that arises. We will also assist you to understand and manage cultural and communication differences from the West

China growth experts

In order to best serve you, our team is made up of highly skilled and experienced bilingual professionals. Every member of our team deeply understands how to conduct business in China in a way that works for both our Western clients and their Chinese customers and partners. 

China growth experts

Our China business approach is trusted by our clients and: 


Global business media

Media outlets frequently turn to ADG China’s team for analysis and insights into the latest developments around China’s technology ecosystem. Our team has been quoted by both global and Chinese news outlets, including these recent articles in: The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Fox Business, ReutersMSNBC, Forbes and numerous other publications. Media inquires can be made here.

PE & VC firms

The vast majority of ADG China’s clients are backed by the world’s leading private equity and venture capital firms. We work diligently with partners and portfolio services at these firms to educate, advise and drive the value of their portfolio companies’ business in China. If you are an investor and would like to learn more on how ADG can drive your portfolio companies’ growth, please reach out to our USA-based team.  

Asia-based partners

We work with a number of market entry specialists that cover other countries in the APAC region, in order to provide a seamless bridge for our clients between China and the rest of Asia. We also welcome new strategic partnerships – if you are focused on technology and looking for a partner for the China market, please reach out to our Beijing headquarters.

Government & China business organizations

Many global technology companies turn to their home country’s government agencies to help them with their expansion into China, such as Enterprise Ireland and the USA Commercial Service. We also work with China-focused organizations such as AAMA, Hysta and Asia Society to educate the market. If you are one of these organizations and would like to discuss how we can partner, please reach out to our team.